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PCaSO Prostate Cancer Support Organisation

PCaSO is run by patients for patients and has groups in various places across Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset.  It aims to provide support for those diagnosed with prostate cancer and their families and friends.  We aim to raise awareness of prostate cancer to get more men checked earlier and then to provide information for those facing choices of treatment.  

Pulborough Patient Link

Pulborough Patient Link (PPL) is the patient liaison group for the Pulborough Medical Group and provides an important link between the surgery and patients. We urge patients to become members (currently subscription is £3 per household per year) and be involved in helping to shape the future of their medical service for the years ahead.

The Pulborough Patient Link (PPL) has a number of aims - all designed to benefit patients in the Pulborough Medical Group Practice. The PPL is independent of the Practice but works closely with its staff to maximise the benefit to patients.

Health Co-ordinator

Pulborough Community Partnership is looking for a volunteer to handle the health issues arising from the community action plan.