Staying And Feeling Safe

This theme addresses issues of crime, disorder and safety.

If you are interested in helping tackle any of these issues, please contact us. Any current projects relevant to this theme are linked above in the In this section menu.

Issues & Actions

What (The Issue) How (The Action) Who (The People)
4A. Not enough lighting to feel safe walking at night Review lighting throughout the village Parish Council
4B. Police are not visible in the community and many are concerned about anti-social behaviour and vandalism Re-invigorate Neighbourhood Watch schemes and bring those co-ordinators into the Local Action Team (LAT) LAT
Add an LAT section to the Parish Newsletter LAT
Promote greater awareness of and participation in the LAT LAT
4C. Young people report that not having anywhere safe and age-appropriate to go leads to bullying Establish a Youth Council under the auspices of the Parish Council HDC, Parish Council, Youth Club