Pulborough Youth Centre

Pulborough Youth Centre is a registered charity that exists to support the young people of Pulborough. It is independent of the Pulborough Community Partnership.

Project leader: 
Ben Sheldon - Community Youth Worker (Billingshurst & Pulborough)

What is there for young people to do in Pulborough at evenings and weekends - apart from their homework, of course..?  They aren't all lucky enough to have exciting options. Pulborough Youth Centre aims to ensure that there is something better for young people  to do than hang around the streets, feeling bored.

We are a registered charity based in the centre's building in Link Lane, Pulborough. At the moment we open two evenings a week, to give young people somewhere to come and relax, listen to music and socialise. But we want to do more and do it better!  We have ideas but not enough resources to put them into practice.

We want to provide more activities and experiences for young people that will help them get work or that will introduce them to something worth staying in education for. And we want to be open more evenings a week.

We have no regular source of income. Grants that used to be given by the county council have stopped, because the council has to  save money.  But the need for the service is greater than ever. And it can make a lot of difference to a young person and their family.

The charity is managed by trustees and is supported by volunteers. If we can do more it will be a big boost for the village.  We need our young people to feel supported in their efforts to find their place in the community and their way forward in the world.

Please support this local charity either by giving us some of your time or by giving us some financial support to enable us to provide what the young people need.