Gun Emplacement Heritage Plaque

A project to create and install a plaque explaining the history of Pulborough's gun emplacement

Project leader: 
Rob Aylott
Project documents: 

The gun emplacement, north of the village towards Park Mount and overlooking the railway and bridge over the Arun, was part of the South East Command Stop-Line running from the coast. This defensive line followed the course of the River Arun, close to the line of the Roman road Stane Street.

The emplacement would have had a large anti-tank gun such as the 25-pounder Field Gun Howitzer pictured in the gallery below. German tanks hit by a 25-pounder armour -piercing shell would have been knocked out and some had turrets completely blown off. Similar shells were made by Harwoods munitions factory in Pulborough.

An informative plaque was designed  and installed at the emplacement, an electronic version can be downloaded in Project Documents above.