Opportunity For All

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This theme deals primarily with economic growth, education and skills, and tourism and leisure.

If you are interested in helping tackle any of these issues, please contact us. Any current projects relevant to this theme are linked above in the In this section menu.

Issues & Actions

What (The Issue) How (The Action) Who (The People)
2A. There is no effective traders’ group / business group Create a Pulborough Business Group Community Partnership, Pulborough Business Group
2B. Local economy needs continued support, particularly Lower Street Continue the Partnership’s Local Economy projects, including the Lower Street Regeneration work and introducing economic benchmarking Community Partnership, Pulborough Business Group
2C. Poor broadband provision Research local broadband speeds and demand and ensure Pulborough is part of a West Sussex strategic plan for rural broadband Community Partnership, Pulborough Business Group
2D. St Mary’s swimming pool is underused Review options with St Mary’s Community Partnership, Parish Council, St Mary’s School
2E. Limited access to leisure centres Review options with Community Minibus Association and others to see if there is demand for new/better transport services to leisure centres Parish Council, Community Minibus Association
Promote local opportunities for exercise and healthy activity (walks, cycle routes, classes, sports clubs etc.) Community Partnership, HDC
2F. Sports & Social Club is not widely known Review with Sports & Social Club and Parish Council to see if there is a need to encourage awareness and use Parish Council
2G. Business recycling is going to landfill Review with HDC and WSCC HDC, WSCC, Pulborough Business Group
2H. Younger people are excluded from village life and decision-making Establish a Youth Council under the auspices of the Parish Council Community Partnership, Parish Council, HDC
2I. Make more of what Pulborough has to offer to visitors Make more use of the river and riverside recreation and riverside walks Community Partnership
Bring back the Pulborough Duck Race Events Organising Group
Open up disused railways for walkers and cyclists Community Partnership
Promote Pulborough to walkers Community Partnership
Review and improve signage HDC, Lower Street Working Group
Create a Tourist Information Centre in the library Community Partnership, WSCC
Complete the visitpulborough.com web site Community Partnership