Community Partnerships officially recognised by local authorities

Community Partnerships in the rural towns and villages of Horsham District have achieved official recognition of their important role through a new memorandum of understanding with West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council.

The final signatures were added at a meeting of the Horsham Rural Towns Forum in Pulborough on September 2nd 2015. The two-page memorandum was the result of negotiations with the two councils over many months.

“It places the relationship between the community partnerships and the two councils on an official level where everyone understands what is expected of the others” said Reina Alston of Steyning Community Partnership.

“The community partnerships can help the council officers understand more about the communities they are trying to help, and working together can achieve more for the community,” said Les Ampstead from Pulborough Community Partnership.

“Both they and the parish councils have a deep knowledge of the places they live in and that knowledge can save hard-pressed councils much time and money. Instead of employing a consultant, just come and ask the people on the ground.”