A Better Place To Live

This theme deals with the most fundamental aspects of Pulborough as a place to live, such as housing, services, infrastructure, community and the natural environment. An important consideration is not just whether specific needs are being met, but also whether they are being properly balanced in the interests of the village as a whole.

If you are interested in helping tackle any of these issues, please contact us. Any current projects relevant to this theme are linked above in the In this section menu.

Issues & Actions

What (The Issue) How (The Action) Who (The People)
1A. Pulborough has no coherent identity
  • Pulborough should be a living/working/playing community and not a dormitory town
  • Community is increasingly fragmented and identity is being lost
Organise more village events A dedicated Events Organising Group to be formed under the auspices of the Community Partnership
Pull together and promote the history and heritage of Pulborough Parish Council, Community Partnership, The Pulborough Society
Co-ordinate the publicity of all village events and announcements Parish Council, Community Partnership, HDC, Churches, Village Hall
1B. Too much/wrong type of development
  • Housing has been of the wrong type – the focus should be on affordable housing for local need
  • Impact of more people/vehicles is not being properly assessed and mitigated
  • Need to ensure development is balanced against the protection of natural habitats and environment
Establish evidence-based Key Performance Indicators (e.g. population, vehicle movements, empty shops etc.) for the village and actively monitor them to ensure Pulborough develops in line with the needs of the whole community. Parish Council, Community Partnership
Create a Neighbourhood Plan that sets out a strategic vision and priorities for Pulborough, and ensure it is adopted. Parish Council, Community Partnership, The Pulborough Society
1C. Need to improve the appearance of the village Ensure adoption of the Village Design Statement by HDC Community Partnership
Parish Council to work with businesses and residents to keep Pulborough tidy Parish Council
1D. Not enough community ‘centres’
  • Need to protect/make better use of the library
  • Could make better/wider use of the village hall
  • could make better use of the memorial garden
  • Could create a community shop?
  • could promote/make better use of the Sports & Social Club
Work with West Sussex County Council to make better use of the Library County Councillor, WSCC, Community Partnership
Work with the Village Hall Trustees to make wider use of the Village Hall District Councillor, Community Partnership, Village Hall Trustees
Investigate the potential for a community shop Community Partnership
Investigate options for better use of the Memorial Garden HDC, Parish Council, Lower Street Working Group
1E. Pulborough has no emergency plan Parish Council to create, publish and maintain and Emergency Plan for the village Parish Council
1F. Lack of civic pride and consideration for others
  • Dog fouling
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Litter
  • Noise from pubs
  • Messy fronts to shops/other properties (including bins)
Promote civic pride and consideration for others Establish a working group under the auspices of Parish Council and Community Partnership
1G. Speed, volume and type of traffic deters and endangers pedestrians and cyclists
  • Safety
  • Air quality
  • Noise levels
  • Makes walking/cycling unpleasant
  • More heavy vehicles than roads are designed for    Review traffic flow, volume and speed throughout the village with a view to improving safety
Conduct air quality tests WSCC, HDC, Parish Council, Lower Street Working Group
1H. No public toilets in Pulborough Investigate alternative arrangements HDC, WSCC, Library, Village Hall, Parish Council
1I. Local bus services are vital for younger and older residents and need protecting Understand the demand and take appropriate actions with relevant authorities and service providers WSCC, Community Minibus Association
1J. Upline at railway station is inaccessible to those with mobility issues Progress the issue with Network Rail, Southern Rail and the Arun Valley Rail Partnership Community Partnership
1K. Parking is an issue throughout Pulborough
  • Parking is not sufficient to attract visitors
  • Deliveries and people pulling over to post letters in Lower Street cause problems
  • Insufficient parking at the railway station leads to dangerous parking along the A283 towards Stopham and commuters using retail parking (e.g. Corn Store, Burgess & Randall)
  • Parking at the medical centre is difficult and there is no obvious/safe drop-off point
  • Church Place becomes congested when there is a wedding or other well-attended service
Review parking throughout the village with a view to improving provision Community Partnership, Parish Council
1L. Not easy to get about on foot
  • Some routes have limited/unusable footpaths (e.g. Sopers, Church Hill, A283 to Stopham)
  • Pavements/surfaces are uneven, are treacherous underfoot and lead to puddles
  • Pedestrian links between parts of the village remain poor, particularly the Railway Bridge on the A29
Review issues associated with getting about on foot to identify potential problems and solutions Community Partnership, Parish Council
1M. Not enough volunteers Pulborough Community Partnership to work to recruit more volunteers from the local community and bring organisations together more effectively Community Partnership